Appeals that have met jurisdictional requirements for the following adverse employment actions are forwarded to the State Employee Grievance Committee for a hearing if the appeal is not resolved through mediation:

  • Terminations
  • Salary decreases based on performance
  • Demotions
  • Suspensions for more than 10 days 
  • Reductions in force when the State Human Resources Director determines there is a material issue of fact regarding inconsistent or improper application of the agency's reduction in force plan or policy

View the An Appeal in the Grievance Committee Process Flowchart (.doc)

The Grievance Committee can sustain, reject or modify an agency’s decision. Committee decisions are governed by S.C. Code Section 8-17-340(E). The Committee must issue its final decision in writing within 20 calendar days of the conclusion of the hearing.

If the Grievance Committee reinstates an employee, the employee returns to his former position provided that the position has not already been filled. If the employee's former position has been filled, the employee would be reinstated to a comparable position within the agency.

Documents for the Grievance Committee Process